Nite-Nite Light Bulb

Nite-Nite Light Bulb

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  • THE NITE-NITE LIGHT ROUTINE. Use during feeding time and before baby sleep time, the 3.5 watt LED bulb will fit any non-dimmable nursery lamp and replace up to a 40watt traditional bulb.


  • HACK YOU AND YOUR BABY’S SLEEP PATTERNS! Backed by science and similar to technology used by NASA to help astronauts sleep in outer space, the Nite-Nite Light provides the appearance of darkness at the right wavelength to cue an infant’s internal clock, and provides the parent enough light for safe care. Let your baby know it’s time for sleep with the nite-nite light. A healthy sleep/wake cycle, also can help prevent irritability, promote healthy eating habits, and make baby and PARENT happy!.


  • SLEEP BETTER GUARANTEE. Are you using a normal bulb in your nursery? Even a dim light puts out a blue wavelength, which has been shown to inhibit melatonin production, the natural hormone which triggers sleepiness! “When exposed to light at night, from light bulbs, it actually suppresses melatonin and makes it more difficult to go to sleep” -Dr. Oz Show. New innovation! Parents keep your circadian clock running on time! Ditch the traditional white light bulb!


  • NEXT GENERATION IN LIGHTING. Intended for evening use before bedtime, the NITE-NITE LIGHT BULB provides ambient light at a peak wavelength of 595nm, allowing natural melatonin to reach the photoreceptors in the retina, thereby promoting normal sleep cycles. Long-Life LED’s will last 30,000+ hours! The gentle amber color of the NITE-NITE bulb is designed to simulate sunset, an attempt to tap into the entrainment of the humacadian clock, and the natural light-dark cycle.


  • UNIQUE LED TECHNOLOGY allows one bulb to provide enough ambient lighting for baby to fall asleep naturally, and mother to provide safe care. With no mercury vapor, no chemicals, shatterproof PC cover, and smooth hemmed sides, the lighter weight bulb allows for safe, easy installation in any fixture. This is no ordinary light bulb! Baby will sleep better, faster. Utilizing Eco-friendly, recyclable, renewable resource technology, these bulbs run cool and won’t generate unnecessary heat

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Great sleep is priceless

The brightness and amber color of this bulb are perfect for my dreamy sleep den! We have one in the bedroom and one in the living room where we typically hang out in the hour or 2 before bed. I love the mood this light provides, and it greatly improves my ability to effortlessly transition to sleep.

Nice light bulb, good company

The light bulb has a really pleasant amber color to it as it says. It is a bit stronger than expected so it's better used in larger spaces, or if you want your room quite well lit, but in a warm color. The company cares about its customers. I had some trouble with additional duties charged by UPS when shipped to Canada but Harth reimbursed me for this which I really appreciate. I won't hesitate to check out some of their other products.

Eric Bean


Sheldon Steiner
Light Bulb Order

Shipped and delivered promptly.

David Peragine
Lighting my life

Love my hárth stuff!! So much! Have the night lights in the hall and bathroom and give off the perfect ambience sans the blue!! 😍 Also, have an incandescent replacement in the bedside lamp and in love!!