Mark Zuckerberg Whips Up "Sleep Box" To Help Wife Sleep.

Mark Zuckerberg Whips Up "Sleep Box" To Help Wife Sleep.

Mark Zuckerberg recently posted on social media a new product of his own design. Apparently Zuck can also tinker with hardware and whip up what we think is a compelling design to compliment the world changing software he's already provided us with. 

The concept is one close to our hearts here at harth, and the reason we began creating the products you see on our site. The idea is to provide JUST enough light to provide safe care for baby during nighttime feedings and changes, while keeping the ambient light low enough and at a color temperature that mimics candlelight / sunset so the circadian rhythm has the best opportunity to stay in "sleep mode" as we call it here. 

While the box design is streamlined and interesting, we would like to see the dimming feature in action. But I suppose we will have to get in the shop and create our own, and see how it comes out! Stay tuned on this. 

You can see the design and what our friends at High Snobriety say about it here: 

The link to Zuckerberg's original post is here...

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