5 Tried and Tested Products to Stop Snoring

5 Tried and Tested Products to Stop Snoring


Snoring problem

Snoring is a common problem. As a child, I was used to the noise of someone sawing logs in the other room at night. Well, that was my father snoring! I inherited that quality from him like many people out there living with partners that snore all night, every night. But, why do they snore?

Causes of Snoring

I personally met a sleep doctor to understand the root cause of the problem. She explained that when we lie down to sleep, the muscle relaxation causes the posterior area of our throat to narrow down. As a result, the air gets less space to travel and bends to make its way around through the narrow airway. The bends make the nocturnal noise. It turns out that it is all about the turbulent air.

Having understood the problem, I started my hunt for the solution. There are many over-the-counter aids that I tried but none helped to achieve the silence. I gave a shot at the lifestyle changes too such as sleeping on the side (kept falling on my back), eat healthy (will take time to show effects) and ditch the two vices (which I anyway don’t do). Thus, I tried the five specific products mentioned below and their impact is trustworthy.

Solutions to Stop Snoring

  1. SnoreStop Anti-Snoring Kit: This kit has three products that aim at the three problem areas – nose, mouth, and back of the throat. The three products include a nasal spray, chew tabs and throat spray. You have to use all three each night. It is FDA regulated homeopathic medicine with no side-effects. The only effect it had was that it dropped down my snoring significantly. You can grab your kit
  1. Breathe Easy Nasal Strip: Having tried other nasal strips before, I did not quite like the idea of sticking something on my face while sleeping but then a colleague recommended this one. It is a drug-free nasal aid and claimed to be 50% stronger than the original one. It is specially designed for those with sensitive skin (a perfect one for me) and is light on the skin. I really liked this variant, however, if you want to add the power of essential oils for better sleeping, you may try the lavender variant.






  1. Slumber Savvy Anti-Snoring Smart Pillow: Though a little expensive, this was the best anti-snore solution I tried so far; no eating, no spraying, no strips (yay!). The pillow comes with a smartphone app that tracks your snoring patterns and accordingly implements a solution. It also measures your snoring decibel, sleep motion, sleep duration and will automatically set a best-suited wake-up time for you according to your sleep cycle. My snoring reduced drastically with the help of this pillow. You can get one for yourself here
  1. Mute Nasal Dilators: To stop snoring, you have to use something that affects the root of the problem and that is to increase the nasal air pathway. Mute nasal dilators is proven to gently open up the nasal airway and increase the airflow by 38% when compared to nasal strips. You have to insert the dilators into your nose such that they rest on the nose bridge. Honestly, it worked but I was not comfortable with a foreign substance inside my nose. Perhaps, it will suit you.

  1. Eliminator Pro Adjustable Mouthpiece: Just like the nasal dilators work on opening up the nasal airflow, the mouthpiece focuses on widening the throat airflow and stops you from breathing through your mouth. Well, I tried this mouthpiece for one week and concluded that this one was an absolute no for me because the mouthpiece made me drool (yikes).

You can check them out yourselves and see which one works for you. You can try other brands as well. If none of this works and your bank account is healthy enough, you can contact a doctor to perform one of the several medical surgeries that can reduce snoring.

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