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Solar Led Light Outdoor Warm Cold Waterproof Solar Lamp Sunlight Fence

Solar Led Light Outdoor Warm Cold Waterproof Solar Lamp Sunlight Fence

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***If you want to test the lamp on daytime indoor:
Please turn on the "switch", and cover the solar panel with your hand, then the lamp will light on.

  • Super long endurance

  • Forsted cover make the light softly and no glare

  • Intelligen energy-saving

  • Warm and cold optional

Control mode :

  • Normal version: two channels switch: on/off and warm/cold white

Important Things before using:
  1. Please put the light under the sunlight 6-8 hours before using it.

  2. The light motion sensor will work after the switch turn on.

  3. In the daytime or where there is light, the lamp will not light up.The light motion sensor function will be activated at night or in dark area.

  4. Avoid usage in extreme environment like these places where is easy to produce stagnant water, no light or poor light or too hot and too cold.

Tips:If not work please check as following:

  1. Confirm switch is on or not.
  2. It is light sensor,it can not work in the daytime,it can only work on the darkness.
  3. Confirm whether it is being continuously used in a long-term and no charge,recharge it timely before use again.
  4. Make sure people moving within the wensing range.
  5. Make sure the solar sensor light being installed within the sensing range.
  6. Confirm installation direction is correct(solar panel should be facing up).
  7. Confirm no objects blocking it and solar panel can receiving sunlight.

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